About STiP

Student Information Portal
STiP stands for Student Information Portal. The Educational Service Centre (Onderwijs Service Centrum) founded STiP to meet students’ need for information about their study or research programme. You will come across various websites and systems as a student of Erasmus MC. This can make it difficult to keep track sometimes. STiP is there to help you on your way. For questions please consult STiP and you will find the answer quickly and easily.


STiP was initially founded in 2018 for the study Medicine (Geneeskunde). As a result of the success of STiP Geneeskunde (Medicine) this portal is also made available for the studies Nanobiology, Clinical Technology, the Research Masters, Erasmus MC Academie and PhD Candidates in October 2019.

Student central
Students played a prominent role in determining the content, structure and design of STiP. We as the Educational Service Centre (Onderwijs Service Centrum) believe it to be of the utmost importance that STiP meets the needs of our students. Do you have any tips or comments? Please let us know via the 
feedback page! We would love to hear what you think of STiP.