Spaces & Facilities

Teaching spaces
You can ask a service employee at the desk in the Education Centre if there are any teaching spaces available that day. The service employee can book this space for you (this is free). The service employees are present on Monday until Friday from 10:00 – 12:00 hour and from 14:00 – 16:00 hour. 

Study associations
Licensed study associations can reserve teaching spaces by sending a reservation at least 3 working days in advance to The reservation must be emailed from the e-mail address of the student association as known to the Education Service Centre (OSC).
Please indicate the following when making your reservation; name, student number, activity, date, time, type of room, number of people and telephone number/contact person.

PKV practice rooms
Reserving these spaces in advance is unfortunately not possible. Students who want to use a practice room can visit the secretariat of the PKV education (GK-357) to see if a room is available at that time.

Questions? Please contact the room planning team on 010-704 5555 option 4 or mail to

Skills rooms

Eduplaza (activiteit EDU)

Endoscopie (activiteit ENDO)

Geriatrie(activiteit GER)

Hemato-Oncologie(activiteit HO)

Initieel Onderwijs(activiteit IO)

Intensive Acute Zorg(activiteit IAZ)

Kinderverpleegkunde(activiteit VK)

MA-O(activiteit MA-O)

Med.beeldv. & Radiologie(activiteit MBR)

Minor(activiteit ZA-MIN)

Obstetrei & Gynaecol(activiteit OG)

Oncologie(activiteit ONCO)

Palliatieve Zorg(activiteit PAL)

Scholing IZ(activiteit SCH)

Sedatie Prak. Spec.(activiteit SPS)

Wondverp. & Consil.(activiteit WV_WC)