Pre- and onboarding

Pre- and onboarding
Joining a new organization and beginning a new employee lifecycle in a new country can be a challenging process. In order to make sure this goes as smoothly as possible the Erasmus MC Graduate School provides a pre- and onboarding program for new international PhD candidates. In order to partake in this program, you need to be registered at the Erasmus MC Graduate School as a PhD candidate. This can be done as soon as your new department has confirmed that you have been hired for the PhD position. Either you or your department can register at the Erasmus MC Graduate School via this form

After we receive your registration, the pre- and onboarding coordinator will contact you via email. He will send you an overview of everything you need to do before and after you arrive in the Netherlands, such as how to take the train in the Netherlands, how to shop for groceries in the Netherlands, how to find housing in the Netherlands and what important documents you must bring.

Buddy program

As part of pre- and onboarding, Erasmus MC Graduate School offers a buddy program. Within this program, new international PhD candidates will be paired with a buddy; a more experienced PhD candidate. The buddy will support the new PhD candidate and answer questions that they may have about life in the Netherlands and working at Erasmus MC. 

We are always looking for PhD candidates who are interested in becoming a buddy for new international colleagues. You will find more information about the guidelines and requirements for buddies here.  

Please fill out this form to become a member of our buddy pool. 

Are you an international PhD candidate and are you looking for a buddy? Then fill out this form.