PhD / Research on a hospitality agreement

Even though research ideas are vast, research funds within medical departments are often limited. Therefore, (medical) students are sometimes offered to pursue research in their own time with self-collected or without substantial funding. This offer might be extended to a PhD-trajectory by your department. Even though this can be regarded as honorable and a token of appreciation of your hard work, dedication, and research skills, students should be aware of the consequences of conducting research without an official paid employee contract at Erasmus University / Medical Center.

Doing research or even a full PhD-trajectory on external funds (buitenpromovendus) or without reimbursement on a hospitality agreement (gastvrijheidsovereenkomst) will not only deprive you of a steady income but can also cause problems for your studies and other support in unforeseen circumstances. We elaborate on some of the consequences below. When in doubt of accepting a position or when in need for further information, you should always contact the Graduate School or another external experienced party first. 



Lastly, it should be stated that a PhD-trajectory is rarely easy. It comes with obstacles, set-backs and requires a lot of dedication and support. Often research periods stretch longer than expected, which is important to realize when committing to a certain research project without funds and/or combination with university degree (or coschappen). Realize that a standard PhD contract in the Netherlands is 4 years fulltime, but on average a PhD takes 5+ years to complete. During this time, sometimes unforeseen things can happen to your health, family, and financial situation. As a PhD candidate employed by the hospital, you are much better protected financially, legally and practically when things do not go as initially planned. 

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