Course information

PhD courses
PhD education that Erasmus MC Graduate School offers is focused on improving theoretical knowledge of a specific topic or on improving certain skills. They can all be used to build the PhD portfolio. 

Four tracks
PhD education that Erasmus MC Graduate School offers is divided into four PhD Tracks:

Please note: irrespective of PhD Track, you are welcome to follow any course in any PhD Track free of charge.

Erasmus MC PhD courses are offered via the EUR Educational catalogue. Irrespective of PhD track, Erasmus MC PhD candidates are welcome to follow any Erasmus MC PhD course of interest. Erasmus MC PhD candidates and Research Master students can participate in courses free of charge, however a payment of €1.00 is required for administrative purposes. If you do not have a student ERNA-account, you can apply for a new account during the application process. You will not be able to login and register with an EMC-employee ERNA-account or Microsection-number.

For an overview of all the current PhD courses, please check the newsletter PhD Education.

Please note: Courses with less than 10 participants will be rescheduled.

Required courses