Doctoral regulations and guidelines

Doctoral regulations
As Erasmus MC Is a faculty of the Erasmus University Rotterdam, doctorates for PhD candidates at Erasmus MC are officially awarded by the EUR. Therefore, the EUR doctoral regulations also apply to PhD candidates of Erasmus MC. The University Ceremonies Office handles the administrative procedures for the doctorate on behalf of the Rector Magnificus. The doctoral regulations for obtaining a PhD degree at Erasmus University and further information on the practicalities of getting the degree are available at the following page of the EUR. Read everything about obtaining a doctor's degree in the doctoral regulations of Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Erasmus MC guidelines
In addition to the EUR doctoral regulations, Erasmus MC has developed guidelines with respect to the PhD thesis and its evaluation. Please visit the Erasmus MC Service Portal1 to view the full Erasmus MC guidelines.

1 Erasmus MC Service Portal is not accessible outside Erasmus MC and only available in Dutch.