Hora Finita account

Hora Finita
Hora Finita is the registration system for PhD candidates and supervisors of Erasmus University Rotterdam and Erasmus MC. All processes related to the PhD track – registration/admission, progress monitoring during the PhD trajectory, submission of the doctoral dissertation, and preparation for the public defence – run through this system.

Please find more information about Hora Finita on the EUR website, by clicking here.

Please find the link to Hora Finita here.

Log in process:
The EUR website explains how to log into Hora Finita. Please follow the instructions, “How to log in (Erasmus MC)”.

PhD candidate:
More information about using Hora Finita as a PhD candidate and the manual can be found here.

More information about using Hora Finita as a (co)promotor and the manual can be found here.

No access to Hora Finita
If the microsection number and password do not give access to Hora Finita, then a PhD candidate is not correctly labelled as a "PhD candidate" in the personnel system. If this is the case, one will see the following notification when logging in and trying to access Hora Finita:

Action needed: A supervisor or departmental HR representative needs to add the additional job title 'PhD candidate' via a mutation in AFAS. Once this has been processed, the PhD candidate will automatically receive an account in Hora Finita with the request to provide us additional information regarding their PhD registration.

If the additional job title “PhD candidate” is processed correctly by in AFAS, but there is still no access to Hora Finita, please send an e-mail horafinita@erasmusmc.nl