Summary of the process

Obtaining a Hora Finita account
In order to obtain a Hora Finita account you need to be registered as "promovendus" at PSA/HR.

Processes via Hora Finita
All processes concerning promotion run via Hora Finita. From the first registration until submitting your thesis. The doctoral regulations of the Erasmus University are leading during this process. Please consult item Doctoral regulations and guidelines for more information.

Data in Hora Finita
It is important that all required data and details in Hora Finita are up to date. PhD candidates, supervisors, and other involved parties have their own part in completing the correct data.

You can find the Hora Finita manuals on the EUR website. For questions about Hora Finita, please consult the contact person of your Research School. Please consult item: Contact for more information.

Hora Finita
The Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR), including the Erasmus University Medical Centre (Erasmus MC), uses the PhD follow-up system Hora Finita. This system supports the three sub-processes of a PhD trajectory.

Admission of a PhD candidate to a PhD trajectory. The registration process starts as soon as a PhD candidate is employed by a Faculty or Graduate School and registered by PSA/HR as "promovendus". You will be invited by the Graduate School Officer (GSO) to complete the registration form. After completion and submission of the registration form, the application for a PhD trajectory has to be approved by the (first) supervisor, the Beadle’s Office or the Admissions Office, and the Faculty Dean. If any of these actors do not approve the application, the application will automatically be returned to the PhD candidate. You will receive an e-mail containing specific follow-up steps to perform. You will receive a notification from Hora Finita after successful registration.

2.Progress monitoring
Execution of research, progress interviews, Training and Supervision Plan (TSP) mandatory (since 2015), achieved European Credits (ECs), etc.. The PhD candidate will gain access to the personal dashboard in Hora Finita, this dashboard gives an overview of the progress of the PhD trajectory.

3.PhD defence
From manuscript submission to PhD defence (formerly done in Hora Est). Once the thesis has reached the state where the (co)supervisors have approved it and when it meets the preconditions of the Doctoral Regulations a ‘Request PhD ceremony’ can be made through the tab ‘PhD ceremony request’.

Functions of Hora Finita
• You need to have an employment or hospitality agreement in Erasmus MC to get a “microsection number” and to be able to log in to Hora Finita.
• As soon as you are employed and are classified in the HR system as a PhD candidate, you receive an invitation by e-mail to complete your registration in Hora Finita.
• All PhD candidates are registered in Hora Finita within the first three months of their PhD-project.
• All parties involved (PhD candidate, supervisors, Graduate Schools, Dean etc.) have access to the pages that are relevant to them.
• All relevant information is processed by Hora Finita during the entire PhD trajectory.
• All personal data, progress, appointments or scholarships, Result & Development interviews, courses followed etc. can be registered in Hora Finita. The mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk.
• Hora Finita sends automatic e-mails during the entire PhD process (from invitation to register to approval of the PhD manuscript).
• Access to the system can be gained by logging in with a valid ‘microsection number ’.
• To help you with some general principles to use the application, a manual is available .