Training and Supervision plan

Training and supervision plan
A PhD trajectory consists of the following components: conducting research, educational activities and teaching activities. These components are formulated within the Training & Supervision Plan1(TSP) for PhD candidates.

Set up your TSP
The TSP serves as a guideline thoughout your trajectory and it will define expectations during the programme for both the PhD candidate and the supervisors. You should prepare and agree on such a plan in the first three months of the PhD project. PhD candidates write their TSP together with your supervisor(s) and adjust the plan where applicable during your PhD trajectory, or after each annual evaluation with your supervisor.

Upload in Hora Finita
A signed version of the TSP has to be uploaded in Hora Finita within three months after the start of the PhD project.  

For questions please turn to your supervisor(s) or to the Graduate School Officers of your Research School.

The TSP applies to all PhD candidates, not just OIOs