Training and Supervision Plan

Training and supervision plan
The Training and Supervision Plan (TSP) is intended to help PhD candidates and supervisors discuss mutual expectations and monitor the progress of a PhD project during regularly scheduled evaluation meetings. The TSP should be seen as a flexible document that can be updated throughout the PhD trajectory. PhD candidates and their supervisory team are responsible for drafting, updating and complying with the TSP. The TSP should be completed within the first three months of a PhD project. A TSP should include the following:

Erasmus MC TSP Template
Please find the Erasmus MC TSP template here.1
1 The TSP applies to all PhD candidates, not just OIOs. This page is not accessible outside Erasmus MC.

Upload in Hora Finita
A signed version of the TSP has to be uploaded in Hora Finita within three months after the start of the PhD project.  Your TSP needs to be signed by yourself and all your (co)supervisors.