Thesis and reimbursement

Printed and digital theses
Printed as well as digital versions of the thesis manuscript are allowed for all types of PhD candidates. Please find the Erasmus MC policy on printed and digital theses here.
A minimum of 22 printed versions of the manuscripts is mandatory:

  1. 7 paper copies for the Beadle’s Office;
  2. 1 paper copy per Doctoral Committee member, consisting of a minimum of 5 members. The PhD candidate is required to provide each committee member with a paper copy of the thesis;
  3. 10 paper copies to bring to the defense ceremony.

Next to these mandatory printed versions, the PhD can decide, together with the supervisory team, on a combination of printed and digital versions of the manuscript. If the PhD candidate chooses a digital version of the manuscript, the content is the same as the paper version of the manuscript. A digital version of the manuscript must be secure and not editable by third parties. A secure PDF document is sufficient.

Thesis reimbursement
Erasmus MC PhD candidates are eligible for a reimbursement of thesis production costs up to €750, provided that the required number of hard copies is submitted to EUR. The reimbursement applies to both the design and production costs of a digital version and the printing costs of paper versions. Please find the Erasmus MC guidelines on thesis reimbursement here

PhD candidates can apply for an allowance once the thesis has been processed by the university library. After processing, an e-mail from Hora Finitais sent about the reimbursement procedure. The reimbursement must be submitted within 3 calendar months of the promotion date.

Reimbursement procedure
For reimbursement, please use the form ‘Expense claim of miscellaneous costs non-employees' found here.
NB1: Also use the abovementioned form whenyou're still employed by Erasmus MC.
NB2: The reimbursement can only be used for the design and production of a digital version or the printing costs of paper versions. It cannot be used for other purposes. 

The mandatory fields of the form need to be filled in as follows:

The following documents should be combined in 1 PDF file:

  1. The claim form (Excel sheet)
  2. The title page of the thesis with the name of the doctoral candidate, the title and the promotion date.
  3. The invoice of the expenses. The invoice must be in the name of the claimant with a private address.
  4. A proof of payment (bank statement with the amount debited).  

The PDF should be e-mailed to: