Confidential counsellors

During your PhD project you may encounter difficult situations or conflicts related to your PhD-period, like disagreements with your supervisor or other colleagues of your research group, or feelings of discomfort within your working situation or circumstances.
If you experience this, you have several options:
• First, try to communicate with your supervisor or promotor.
• If this does not solve matters, or if you do not feel free to discuss your problems with them, the next step is to talk to someone you trust, a manager (in case this is not your supervisor), the head of your department, or a human resource consultant.
• If this is not possible or effective, you can contact the confidential counsellor of your Research School. Browse the websites to find these counsellors.

Remaining options
If these abovementioned steps did not solve your problems, or if you are not affiliated to a Research School, there are two remaining options:
1. In case of general (work-related) complaints or conflicts that are not related to your PhD-period, please turn to an Erasmus MC mediator (information in Dutch only, please contact Angela van Tilborg or Dr. ir. Maud Vissers if you have difficulty with the translation).
2. In case of a difficult situation or conflict that is related to your PhD-period (like authorships, supervision, additional tasks) you can contact the confidential counsellors for PhD candidates at Erasmus MC, Dr. ir. Maud Vissers. She does not hold authority to decide on matters, but she can certainly help you reframe your problem or advice you on further steps.

General tips
• Communicate clearly and openly.
• Conduct an open dialogue on a structural basis at every level: work meetings, progress discussions, and performance interviews.