Promotion bonus

The promotion bonus is only for PhD candidates with an official OIO (onderzoeker in opleiding/researcher in training) contract.  Physicians (basisartsenen arts-assistenten) who started their doctoral research on or after 1 April 2015 are not counted as OIO.

The employer grants the OIO, who successfully completes the PhD project and defence within the employment contract a one-off bonus of €750 gross. If the employment ends before the OIO completes the PhD project with a doctoral degree, the OIO is only eligible for the bonus if the thesis has at least been approved by the assessment committee on the date of termination of the employment.

The bonus is awarded by the supervisor by completing the OIO Bonus transfer form.The supervisor appends a printout from Hora Finita, showing the date of the doctoral degree ceremony and the date of approval of the assessment committee.