Grants and funds

Funding for International conferences
During the PhD trajectory, a PhD candidate will likelypresent theirdata at international conferences. As a PhD candidate, make sure tocheck with supervisors which conferences should be attendedSupervisors may also be able to help with finding sources to pay for travel expenses for international conferences. Alsocheck out the headings below for more information:

1. The Erasmus Trust Fund provides allowances, restricted to a maximum of once a year. More information is available on their website.
2. Research Professional is a grant database containing updated international grant possibilities, including Dutch grants. Use English search terms to search this database. For more information on Research Professional, please click here.
3. The Research Development Office (RDO) offers a range of funding application-related services for research, innovation and education to promote (inter)national cooperation and financing. Please find more information by clicking on the link above or contact RDO via

Funding for new research

If a PhD candidate wishesto continue doing research after theirPhD period, theymay have to find funds and apply for a grant to fund new research. Please search Research Professional for more possibilitiescheckout the EUR website regarding PhD Scholarships and funding, or check out thPNN website.