Intervision for PhD candidates
One of the ways to improve mental health is via intervision. Intervision is a method to collaboratively analyze the experiences PhD candidates (have) come across during their PhD project in a practical and systematic way, together with peers: other PhD candidates in the same phase of the PhD project, but from different departments. This analysis leads to solutions, alternatives and advice, and will often also give more insight into own functioning.

Set up: In the first year of intervision, PhD candidates will join a start session of intervision in which content and methods are explained, they are divided into groups of max. 8 PhD candidates and coupled with a supervisor. Furthermore, during the first year the intervision group will meet up with their supervisor 3 times. In the subsequent years, the intervision group will meet up with their supervisor at least once. But of course, they are free to meet up anytime. PhD candidates will receive 1 EC for joining and completing the intervision sessions. 

Who can join?
New PhD candidates are invited to join intervision after they have attended the PhD introduction session. Other/older PhD candidates are welcome to join intervision as well. However, as intervision groups need to consist of PhD candidates in the same phase of their PhD project, formation of the groups is dependent on the PhD candidates joining. So it may be possible that we cannot form an appropriate group for some PhD candidates. Approximately 1 week before the start session all PhD candidates will be informed about placement.

We schedule 4 rounds of intervision start sessions for PhD candidates and supervisor training sessions per year with max. 80 PhD candidates at each start session. The next start sessions and training sessions will be planned soon.

Supervision of intervision for PhD candidates
Supervisors will guide one or more intervision groups of maximal 8 PhD candidates. During the first year, an intervision group will be formed during the start session and will additionally meet 3x with their supervisor. Each following year, the group will meet at least once with their supervisor, but more sessions are of course allowed. Here is a documentexplaining the role of a supervisor for intervision.

Before starting as a supervisor, we ask supervisors to join the start session and additionally join a training session. This supervisor training session is planned after a start session, so that during the training session, issues (e.g. problems/questions from PhD candidates) experienced during the start session can be used in practice. After the supervisor training session, supervisors can start meeting with their intervision groups.

We estimate that, including preparation, it will take a supervisor 12-15 hours per intervision group over the course of 4 years.

Please note: only supervisors who are available for both the start session for PhD candidates and the supervisor training session in the same roundare eligible to start with supervising intervision.

Furthermore, a supervisor will not receive any (financial) compensation for their involvement.

If you are a staff member and want to join us as a supervisor of intervision for PhD candidates, please click here. After registration, you will receive further information by e-mail.