PhD associations


Promeras is the representative body for all PhD candidates at Erasmus MC. Promeras safeguards the rights of PhD candidates, advises the PhD committee and organizes social events. A PhD candidate automatically becomes a member when they are an Erasmus MC PhD candidate. It is possible to sign up for the Promeras newsletter via this link. For questions, please visit the Promeras website, check out the Facebook page or contact them via

The Sophia Researchers Representation
The Sophia Researchers Representation represents all PhD candidates at Sophia Children’s Hospital gives updates on all interesting seminars, workshops and social activities. To join them, please send an e-mail For more information, please visit the Sophia Researchers Representation page on Agora1

1This page is not accessible outside Erasmus MC Network and only available in Dutch.

Erasmus PhD Association Rotterdam (EPAR)

EPAR represents all PhD candidates at Erasmus University Rotterdam, including Erasmus MC. Promeras is a member of EPAR. EPAR cooperates with the PhD councils of the faculties and provides information for PhD candidates and organizes social events. For more information, please visit the EPAR website.

PhD Network Netherlands (PNN)

PNN is the National PhD council with the aim to promote PhD-related issues on a national level, to coordinate and support activities, inform PhD candidates and to improve the quality of the Dutch PhD program. Promeras is a member of PNN. For more information, please consult the PNN website.