Canvas and SIN-Online

Education systems
The Research Masters use a number of education systems to provide students of information. You can read more about it in this item.

Canvas is the electronic learning environment of the EUR. Educational information such as syllabi, course information, e-learning and forums can be found in Canvas to assist you in your study.

Logging in to Canvas
Log in with your ERNA account only. Choose option: 'Erasmus University' when logging in so you arrive at the right page.

Access Canvas
For access to Canvas you must be registered under the right study or exam in OSIRIS and you need an active registration. When this is not the case make sure to register yourself correctly via OSIRIS Student. When lectures, course materials or certain documents are missing in the education environment, please contact the respondent or the programme coordinator. You can find contact details in OSIRIS Student at course information.

Canvas education material
At the start of the academic year not all Canvas-sites may be filled in and not all are accessible. Usually a few weeks before term begins the site will contain all information and will be ready for usage. If you have not been registered you have only limited access and you cannot participate in discussions or submit assignments.

Details previous year
In Canvas you can find information on how to get access to documents of previous academic years. Neuroscience students can ask their coordinator for details of previous years.

SIN-Online is a communication system that some of the Research Masters use for general and practical matters. More information can be found at the following link HowTo SIN-Online. By subscribing yourself to a channel you will receive information solely concerning that channel.

Access SIN-Online
Are you unable to subscribe to a certain channel? Please read the HowTo SIN-Online thoroughly. Are you still unable to subscribe? Please contact the Educational Service Centre (Onderwijs Service Centrum).

For more information please visit item: OSIRIS Student, and OSIRIS Case.