IT facilities

When registered you can use the IT facilities of the Erasmus MC and the Erasmus University with your student account. Read more about this in the item below.

Computer facilities
In the Education Centre (Onderwijscentrum) there are 110 computers on which you can log in with your student account (ERNA). There are 34 silence spots with computers for personal study.

WIFI, Eduroam and surfspot
Information about logging in on wireless network (Eduroam), software for students (surfspot) and IT facilities can be found on the following page; Computer facilities (Dutch only).

Log in
When logging in on the computers at the Education Centre you use a shortened version of ERNA ID. This is your student e-mail address leaving out; 123456ab. For more information on ERNA account click here.

Personal equipment
Make sure to log in on the Eduroam network with your ERNA account if you want to use the WIFI of Erasmus MC on your own laptop, tablet or cellphone. There is no IT support for personal equipment.

IT problems
Please contact the Educational Service Centre (Onderwijs Service Centrum) when facing a problem with computers in study areas. This also applies to log in problems during an exam review.

Medical library
In the digital medical library you can use books, articles and magazines online. Information about logging in, searching for literature and participation in courses can be found on the studentpage of the medical library. You can also find the available online books (ebooks) here.