Graduation and ceremony

Graduations for the Research Masters are organized once a year at the end of August. It is mandatory for graduates to attend it. If you qualify for graduation you will receive an invitation around April/May from the Educational Service Centre (Onderwijs Service Centre) including details about the ceremony.

At the end of July you will receive more information about the graduation from your programme coordinator. Students of the Research Master Neuroscience will receive an official invitation as soon as final grades are confirmed (July). The graduation ceremony of Molecular Medicine is always on the first Friday of September.

Achieving all 120 EC credits entitles you to graduate for a Research Master. For the Research Master Health Sciences you require all 70 EC credits.

Diploma legalization
Your Dutch diploma is not automatically accepted by employers abroad or by foreign educational institutions. You may need to have your Dutch diploma legalized. It shows that your diploma is authentic and has been issued by a competent authority. Consult DUO for more information about legalization.

For further information or questions please turn to the Educational Service Centre(Onderwijs Service Centrum). NIHES students can contact the NIHES office via