Information in this item does not apply to Students of Molecular Medicine. You can consult your programme coordinator for more information about your thesis. Please send an e-mail to

You conclude your Master programme by finalizing your thesis and defending it. Defence of the MSc thesis consists of oral presentation of the objective, the methods used (or to be used), results and conclusions of the research. Students of the MSc Health Sciences (70 EC) do not need to defend their thesis.

Writing style
Your thesis should be written along the lines of a report published in a scientific paper. Internal and/or external reviewers comment on your thesis and you should be able to respond to their commentary as if responding to a review. Responding to commentary of internal and/or external reviewers does not apply to students of the Research Masters Health Sciences and Clinical Research.

For more detailed information on the requirements of all Research Master programmes please consult the Teaching and Examination Regulations (TER). You can also contact your programme coordinator for more information.