NIHES only
At the moment the NIHES Research Masters are the only ones that use Case in their programme. In the future other Research Masters will use this system as well.

What is OSIRIS Case?
OSIRIS Case is a system which you can use to submit requests including processes and documents. These requests are streamlined by OSIRIS Case as OSIRIS Case is integrated and works alongside with the rest of OSIRIS.

How does it work?
Via OSIRIS Student you can access OSIRIS Case. Requests and processes of students are digitalized in Case so you can always track the status of your requests in OSIRIS Case (use button messages). Filing, communication, assessment and completion of a request is all done digitally. Read more about it in the (English) manuals in CANVAS.

File request
You can start a request in OSIRIS Student. Read the manuals in CANVAS thoroughly and follow instructions of your programme coordinator on how to file a request because every process is different. If you use Google Chrome as your browser make sure to allow pop-ups.