The Education Centre

Please note! Due to the curfew, you can currently study at the Education Center from 8.00 until 21.30h at the latest, which deviates from the regular opening hours at the bottom of the page.

The Education Centre (Onderwijscentrum) is the centre of the faculty of the Erasmus MC. It offers space for education and personal study to more than 6000 students in Medicine, Clinical Technology and Technical Medicine, Nanobiology, Research Masters, PhD, Erasmus MC Academie, Skills lab and Simulation, General Medical Practice and multiple medically specialized follow-up programmes.

Personal Study
The EC offers more than 400 study spots. Students can study here and use a variety of IT facilities. The EC is surrounded by 40 colloquium- and lecture halls. The Educational Service Centre (Onderwijs Service Centrum) is responsible for the EC and makes it a priority to create the ideal study environment for students.

The EC is exclusively for students of the Erasmus University, the Research Masters, Clinical Technology and Technical Medicine, Nanobiology and the Erasmus MC Academie. All students are required to wear their Erasmus MC-card in sight when in the EC.

Pleasant study environment
The EC is a common space where all should live by set regulations and where through respect we create a pleasant study environment for all students.

Wearing your Erasmus MC-card visibly is mandatory. You may be asked to show your identification.

Talk, call, eat or drink? Do this in the area around the espresso bar, the reading table and the Chesterfields.

Respect the learning environment of others: adjust the usage and volume of your voice, your equipment and your general behavior accordingly.

Tidy & Clean
Keep the learning environment clean and dispose of your waste in the appropriate waste bins.

Personal study spots
A study spot cannot be vacated for longer than 15 minutes. Personal belongings that are left behind for a longer period of time will be removed.

No feet on the couch and leave the furniture where it belongs.

Always follow the applicable agreements in the EC. The employees of ESC monitor enforcement.

Video recording and photos
Official recordings need to be reported to the department of communication ( When recording in the ESC no students or visitors should filmed without their permission. No other activities are allowed on the second floor near the study islands.Bear in mind that students are studying on the third and fourth floor. Do not block passageways and/or stairs. Record sessions cannot take longer than 1 hour to prevent disturbance.

Opening hours*

Monday until Friday  08:00 – 22:00
Saturday 09:00 – 17:00
Sunday and national holidays   EC closed
Computer hall 5 is opened on Sundays from 9:00 – 17:00 for personal study with the exception of national holidays (Erasmus MC-card obligatory).

Unwelcome visitors will be asked to leave by security outside opening hours. 

*Changes reserved. Check this item regularly for current opening hours.