Erasmus MC card students

Visible wear obligatory
The Erasmus MC card is for identification and grants the holder access to different parts of the building. All students and employees of the Erasmus MC are obligated to wear the card in sight. Even in the Education Centre (Onderwijscentrum).

When taking a test it is only possible to identify yourself with the Erasmus MC card or a college card of the EUR in combination with a valid passport or identification card. Access controls can take place and you could be asked by security and the Educational Service Centre for identification.

Create an Erasmus MC-card
In August/September all first years will receive an invitation to create an Erasmus MC-card at the Servicedesk, Fe-209. If you are hindered  you can arrange a new meeting at the Servicedesk. Creating an Erasmus MC card does not apply to students of Molecular Medicine.

New card
When lost or damaged you can create a new card for a fee of €10,-  at the Servicedesk (Fe-209). In case of theft you can create a new card with a copy of your police report. No fee has to be paid in this case.

Card not working?
The Erasmus MC-card only works when you are registered correctly under the right study. This only applies to students of a NIHES Research Master. Check in Studielink if your registration information is correct and if you followed all steps. If all is correct but your card still does not work please contact the OSC. When your card is broken you can contact the Servicedesk (Fe-209).

Hand in card
When you have completed your studies you need to hand in your Erasmus MC-card. You can do this at the Servicedesk, desk 3 and 4, Fe-209 (white desk). Keep in mind that P&O Centraal will charge a fine if your card is not handed in. For more information please contact the Servicedesk (010-7044441).

Visitors card faculty building
The security counter (Ee-3) of the faculty building does not extend a visitors card anymore to employees or students who have forgotten their Erasmus MC-card. In need of a temporary card? Please contact the Servicedesk (Fe-209). The Servicedesk will grant you a duplicate card free of charge. One that is equal to the original card. This duplicate card has to be handed in within two weeks of issuance. If the card is not returned within the set date it will be blocked. For questions please contact the Servicedesk or call 010-7044441.