Study progress overview

Grade records
Study results are registered in OSIRIS by teachers, education departments and the Educational Service Centre (Onderwijs Service Centrum).

Study progress overview
Always use the complete overview of the study progress overview in OSIRIS Student. This overview shows the study programme according to the Education and Study regulation including the associated (compensation) regulations and the study components to be obtained.

Check your SPO
Please check your study progress overview regularly. If something is incorrect or missing please contact your course coordinator immediately. It is possible that for example a teacher has not registered the results yet or because results are expired.

Report errors
When you think your programme or accomplished results are inaccurately displayed in OSIRIS, please inform your course coordinator. Do not wait until the end of the academic year to notify inaccuracies. You might jeopardize the continuation of your programme.

Concept- and final result
Concept results are not shown in the study progress overview. One can only find the final results. Concept results can be found in OSIRIS. More information on the publication dates of concept- and final results can be found in item: Examination and procedure.

Alterations study programme
Your study programme might need individual adjustments when taking longer than the standard to finish the study or when you take a sabbatical. This is due to possible changes in the curriculum during the year. The ESC records these alterations every year based on the Teaching and Examination Regulations (TER).

For other questions concerning the study progress overview please contact the ESC.