OSIRIS Student

Study information
OSIRIS is the Student Information System of the Erasmus University. In OSIRIS Student you can find your registration, study progress details, exam results, completed exams and personal notices.

In OSIRIS Student you can:
• Look into personal details
• Enroll for (resit) exams
• Look into results, study progress and subjects yet to be followed
• Request for various result overviews
• See in which study group you are placed if applicable
• Print a Proof of enrolment

Log in
You have access to OSIRIS with your ERNA-account. More information about your account can be found in item; ERNA account.

Personal details and change of address
Under the tab; 'personal details' you can find your personal details and address. OSIRIS copies your personal details from Studielink which is linked to the Gemeentelijke Basis Administratie. You can change your address details via Studielink. Read more about this in item Educational Service Centre (Onderwijs Service Centre).In case of a hospitality agreement (this does not apply to all Research Masters) make sure you also inform personnel through the right form in the Service Portal.

Enroll for (resit) exams
Read more about how to enroll for (resit) exams in item Examination and procedure.

Study progress overview
It is important to check your study progress overview regularly in OSIRIS. Read more about how to do this in item Study progress overview.

Search course or exam code
When searching in OSIRIS for course information or when enrolling for an exam one needs the code of the education. You can find these mostly in your study progress overview. When you are unsure which code to use you can find out by typing in a part of the code.

Proof of enrolment
You can download a 'Proof of Enrolment' in OSIRIS after your registration is completed and your status in Studielink has changed into enrolled. Go to tab; 'Personal details'. Next to the heading 'Degree Programme' you will find; 'Your Proof of Enrolment'. Click on this and you can download the document. For more information on Proof of Enrolment please consult the following page.

Register and deregister
You register and deregister yourself via Studielink. When you are too late to deregister yourself it will have financial consequences for you. For more information consult the item: Registration and deregistration.