Read study progress overview

Open Study Progress Overview
Open a tab page in OSIRIS; Progress, your Study Progress Overview (SPO). Select the options shown in the example below for a general overview of completed courses and courses still to be achieved.

Obtained credits
Credits (EC points) are a means to measure the amount of workload for an academic period of time. By obtaining these credits you pass a subject. When opening your SPO within a basic programme you can find the number of 'obtained credits' and 'credits to be obtained 'on the cover page below 'Programme'.

Obtained result and mandatory education
You can find 'final grades', 'courses still to be achieved' and 'information about enrolment' under; 'Results – Programme'.

Grade Point Average
The letters 'GPA' next to your grade in your study progress overview stand for grade point average. If this option is selected, you can read this in your study progress.

Mind to choose 'Yes' in all options to get a full overview of your SPO.

Once you have completed a subject then you will receive a 'AP notification' under 'Grade'.

Component/subject completed
You will obtain credits for a subject once you have completed all results within that subject. You can find this on your SPO. The brackets will disappear and the credits will be obtained when a component or subject has been completed (see example below).

Mind that you need to select 'print all exam results' and 'courses still to be achieved' as well. Only then a full overview will be shown.

Example 1: subject not completed

Example 2: subject completed

Are there credits between brackets? This means that the subject has not (yet) been completed.

Study component completed
A result for a specific component will appear when you have completed all courses (see example below). In this case the study component Common Core, contains two subjects which consists of three results (see underlining).

Step 4: Study programme completed
You will receive a 'Yes' when all components within the study programme of your academic year are completed. These results will be received per subject and not per year.

Grades - other
These are achieved results from another study or from components that are no part of your exam programme. You can find these results per subject at the bottom of SPO.