Online Proctoring

What is online proctoring?
Online proctoring allows invigilators to monitor students during remote examinations. This makes it possible to make a digital exam at home in a safe way.

How does it work?
The EUR offers online proctoring via the software supplier ProctorExam. ProctorExam works with record and review by recording image and sound at the student's home. The goal is to make sure the examination takes place according to the rules and requirements and that no violations take place. For further details, please visit the ProctorExam website. Here you will be able to see demo videos that explain the process of starting and closing an exam. The second camera is placed slightly different than in the video (see subject second camera).

What do you need for test taking via ProctorExam? 

*Please note: Android 5.1+ and iOS 10.0+ smart devices – smartphone or tablet – with a camera are supported. Check your operating system here by using your mobile phone. Huawei P30, Samsung Galaxy A3 (2016), Google Pixel 3 and newer are not compatible with the ProctorExam app.

Integrity code
When you take part in an online test, you agree to the set of rules in the Declaration of Integrity. Please read these carefully.

If you have any objections to taking an examination via online proctoring then it is possible to submit a substantiated request for an alternative testing facility to the Examination Board. This can be sent to up to 7 days before the examination. The Examination Board will assess the weight of this request and may decide to offer an alternative testing facility. However, in view of the corona crisis it may take quite some time before an alternative testing facility can be offered, possibly only as of next academic year.

What are the rules during the exam?
During an online examination, you should behave yourself in the same way as during a normal examination. Deviating from these rules may result in the examination not being assessed or being declared invalid and/or marked as fraud. This is at the discretion of the Examination Board. 
Below are a few rules:

Silent environment
Do not make any noise during the exam. Please make sure you do not to hum or sing either. The ProctorExam staff will check what kind of sound is audible in the background. In general, background noises are not considered as possible fraud. However, in the event of longer irregularities or suspicions, the images are always forwarded to the faculty in question.

Leaving the workplace & toilet use
It is not permitted to leave your workplace during the examination. You must not disappear from the picture. This means that you cannot go to the toilet in between, or get up to take a break or go get something to drink. Please prepare in advance for this.

Looking away from your screen
ProctorExam of course understands that staring at your screen for 2.5 hours is not possible. Looking away during your test is therefore certainly not a problem. However, ProctorExam does identify longer irregularities as possible fraud. These images are forwarded to the faculty in question.

Eating and Drinking
One cold snack and one bottle/tin of drink are permitted, but their consumption must not cause any nuisance at the discretion of the invigilator. Alcohol and drugs are prohibited.

Auxiliary materials are only permitted when specified or agreed in advance. 

Notes and pen
For most exams, one draft sheet (max. A4 size) and one pen may be used. These must be shown in front of the camera. Some exams have different tools. What you are allowed to use during the exam is stated in the instructions in ProctorExam.

If a calculator is allowed during the test, you can use the calculator in the TestVision key system or your non graphical calculator. 

Earplugs and headphones
The use of earplugs, headphones and other types of earplugs is not permitted (including sound attenuating earplugs).

It is not allowed to wear a watch or smartwatch.

Extra screen
The use of an additional monitor is not permitted.

Pets that make noise or walk through the picture are unlikely to be classified as fraud. Should this nevertheless be the case, the images will always be forwarded to the relevant faculty.

During the test you will be monitored through the ProctorExam surveillance system on your own computer. ProctorExam will record screen images, video and sound for remote surveillance. 
The images and sound fragments are only used for this purpose. If there is no suspicion of fraud, these images will be removed within 6 weeks after the verification is successfully completed.

Please note.  Did you experience any problems during the proctored exam, for example with your second camera, webcam or screen sharing? Then there is no need  to report that afterwards to either the Education Service Center (OSC), the program coordinators or the Examination Board. The OSC and program coordinators cannot make a statement anyway on the possible consequences of the problems for the validity of an exam. This is up to the Examination Board to decide, but only after careful inspection of the Proctor Exam footage. The Examination Board judges the footage as soon as possible after completion of the exam, and will report to the students for whom serious irregularities have been noticed. Be assured that a decision to declare an exam invalid is not taken lightly by the Examination Board. You therefore best await a possible message from the Examination Board. In exceptional situations, though, you still may inform the Examination Board at

You will receive an email from ProctorExam no later than 72 hours before the exam containing an email to test your system. Make sure that your webcam, microphone, internet connection and Google Chrome browser are working properly. 

If you have successfully tested your system you will receive a second email from ProctorExam called "You are now ready to take your exam". This email contains the link you need on the day of your Exam to log in to the session. Make sure that you do not delete this email and have done the system check a few days prior to the exam. We advise you to carry out the system check at least 24 hours before the exam in order to be able to solve any technical problems.

You need to identify yourself with a passport or ID card. In this case, make sure that your BSN (only relevant for Dutch ID’s) is not visible when you identify yourself. Also make sure that the photo you take in ProctorExam is sharp and legible. You may also use the EUR student card if you have received a physical card. Use of a digital EUR student card or Erasmus MC pass is not permitted.

Online help during the test
A chat function is available in the ProctorExam system. Behind this chat are people from ProctorExam for possible technical questions. The language of communication is in English. Staff from the university are also present for more substantive questions. You can use the chat throughout the test to ask questions.

Second camera (as of 22 January 2021)
Starting 22nd of January a second camera will be required, following a university wide policy change. For this, the camera of your phone (or tablet) can be used. Setting up the second camera will be a part of the system check and the last set up before the exam starts. The second camera (smartphone or tablet) is used to keep a good overview of the workplace where you are taking the exam. You will be required to download an app that requires a minimal battery power. We recommended you to keep your phone in the charger for the duration of the exam. 

In order to use the second camera it is necessary to install the ProctorExam app on your phone (or tablet). During the system check you will receive instructions about the app that you need to download. This app can be safely downloaded from the Apple/Google app store. Showing your workplace and immediate surroundings is done with this smartphone or tablet.

Be creative in setting up the second camera correctly. The advice is to place it approximately 1.5 meters at an angle behind yourself. This way, you and your screen will be clearly visible. If it is more convenient for the battery charger, you can also place the phone horizontally. For more tips please access this page.

Direct access to the software and the use a 2nd may be limited in some countries. If you are having any issues directly accessing any necessary software, and/or if the only way for you to access this software is through VPN, please contact us as soon as possible by sending an email to two weeks prior to your exam date at the latest. 

Extra time
Do you already have permission from the examination board for extra time during tests? The same rules apply during Online Proctor tests. You do not have to do anything. 

Request different examination location
When it is not possible for you to make your exam online because of your situation at home, you can file a request on the EUR website to take the exam at the Erasmus University campus in Rotterdam. You can do this by submitting a request via OSIRS Case. The case is called 'Request an exam seat in the M-building or via online proctoring'. The application form contains more information about what is expected of you in these situations. Please note that this service is solely available for exceptional circumstances. Would you like to talk to someone about your situation at home? Please contact one of the NIHES Study Advisors.
Any more questions?
Take a look at the separate knowledge item page with tips for Online Proctoring or read the answers to frequently asked questions in the FAQ of the EUR.