Tips for Online Proctoring

This knowledge item list provides useful tips to make it easier to work with ProctorExam and TestVision. Some tips are solutions to common situations when making an exam.

- TestVision gives an error message ('Bad Request').
In your browser, go to History, click 'Clear Browsing Data', select 'Advanced' and under 'Period' select 'All'. Passwords and other details can be left unchecked. You can then refresh your Proctor Exam.

- Screen sharing or webcam does not work
Make sure that all extensions except Proctor Exam are disabled in your browser. Via the three dots in the top right of your browser, you can go to 'Settings'. On the left you will find 'Extensions'. You can then refresh Proctor Exam.

- ProctorExam tab says: 'Another Session Detected'
Refresh ProctorExam and the notification will disappear. 

- When do I have to show my workspace/workspace? And how do I do that?
You show your workstation during the installation steps (sound, ID, material, etc.) of ProctorExam. You can use the second camera (smartphone or tablet). Follow the instructions on the screen. 

- How do I position my second camera correctly?
Place the second camera (smartphone or tablet) at an angle behind you at a distance of approximately 1.5 meters. This way, you and your screen are well in view. Follow the instructions on the screen. You can be creative in finding ways to position your second camera correctly. If you don't have a phone holder, you can use books, a glass/mug or even a large paper clip. You'll find many DIY options on YouTube.

- Repeating request to share the screen 
Changes in the Wi-Fi connection (strength of the signal) can cause the message to return more often. 
Please click on accept and continue with the examination.

Tip: You may consider connecting to the internet via an Ethernet cable. In that case, make sure that your Wi-Fi connection is switched off and that you connect via the network cable.

- I use a Mac or Apple computer and cannot share my screen.
Mac and Apple users sometimes have to adjust the settings first; more instructions can be found here.

- Can I use a different computer or laptop than the one with which I did the system check (in advance)?
Yes, that is possible, but you run the risk that applications will not work when you want to take the exam. You will have to complete the system check again beforehand.

- Screen continues to load when opening ProctorExam or TestVision
Because many students open the application at the same time, loading can sometimes take longer than desired. If it takes several minutes you can 'refresh' the screen (via F5 or Command-R). This often solves the problem. If the end of the time lock is approaching, please contact us via the chat.

- Screen continues to load when uploading the photo of the ID card.
Because many students upload the photos at the same time, it can sometimes take longer than desired. If it takes several minutes you can 'refresh' the screen (via F5 or Command-R). This often solves the problem. However, you will have to go through the steps again.

- What is the correct order of completing the (re)exam in TestVision and ProctorExam?

  1. In TestVision, click 'Done' when you have answered all the questions as you see fit.
  2. Then click on 'Close'. The TestVision tab closes.
  3. In the ProctorExam tab, click 'Finish Exam' (blue button, top right).
  4. You can then close the tab.
  5. These steps are also listed on the last page of the exam in TestVision.

- Contact us via chat ('We are here').
If you encounter problems or you have a question during the (re)exam, you can always contact us via the chat. Initially, the question will be answered by a ProctorExam employee. The ESC always reads along with you and can help you through the chat if necessary. The ESC can forward substantive questions to the examiner. If there is a technical problem concerning all students, many chat conversations can come in at the same time. In that case, it may take longer than usual.