Research master in Erasmus MC

Erasmus MC Graduate School
The Erasmus MC Graduate School is part of Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR), which has seven faculties/schools, two institutes and a university college in which education and research is being conducted. The Erasmus MC Graduate School is the hub for graduate programmes at both Research Master and PhD level to educate and train world-class biomedical academics in a stimulating environment. It is a platform for both current programmes as well as for new initiatives within the convergence of Erasmus MC with TU Delft and the EUR. Within this scope, the educational programs focus on health, technology, society, and their interplay.

The Erasmus MC Graduate School aims to train basic, clinical, translational and/or health sciences researchers, under supervision of top-quality researchers in a stimulating and interactive international environment. At the Erasmus MC Graduate School, the Research Master programmes provide new Dutch and international talent for the PhD programmes and ultimately for future top talents: Principle Investigators, attending physicians and department heads. Moreover, we offer advanced training for careers outside the academy, thereby strengthening the anchoring of the convergence partners in society. 

Graduates will have acquired the competencies to appraise scientific research and have made important steps towards being biomedical academics in the clinical, health science and/or biomedical fields. The programs within the Erasmus MC Graduate School reflect that goal. Alumni are optimally prepared to become the future (clinical) research staff at university medical centers, research universities, research institutes, and/or fill staff and policy positions, such as in management of biomedical universities, health care organizations, biomedical and pharmaceutical companies, ministries, the EU, and many more.

Educational Philosophy
The core of our educational philosophy is that good scientific training requires active learning. This means that we teach Research Master students and PhD candidates in small groups or sometimes individually, and that theoretical knowledge and practical skills are taught in an integrated way. Hence, students are encouraged to use their newly acquired knowledge actively, which both embeds their knowledge and improves the quality of their research. The convergence is an important driver to enhance multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary education on all levels. Students learn from faculty members who are top scientists in their field, with international experience, and whose research groups collaborate with other (inter)national research groups. 

More information on the Erasmus MC Graduate School can be found here

PhD Tracks
PhD education in the Erasmus MC Graduate School is divided over four PhD Tracks: a Core Track with courses that are applicable for all PhD candidates (such as Scientific Integrity, Academic writing, personal development) and three content-based Tracks: Health sciences, Clinical Sciences and Biomedical Sciences. Please note that irrespective of the PhD project, all PhD candidates are welcome to follow any course in any track. 

For more information about the courses, see here.