About a PhD degree

What is a PhD?
A Postgraduate Doctoral degree is the highest Academic Degree you can achieve. PhD candidates follow a programme and write an original thesis based on extensive research that contributes considerable new knowledge on their specific subject. Following a PhD track in the Netherlands might be different than pursuing a PhD in other countries. You can consult the following website about the main differences of a PhD programme in the Netherlands and the biggest reasons to choose a PhD track in the Netherlands. For more information about following a PhD at the Erasmus University Rotterdam please consult the following page.

PhD Erasmus MC
If you wish to start a PhD programme at Erasmus MC you need to apply for a PhD position. Consult the item: Vacancies for more information. PhD programmes of Erasmus MC are organized by one of five Research Schools. Most departments of Erasmus MC are connected to at least one Research School. Consult item: PhD Programmes and research areas for more information. It is recommended that as a PhD candidate you obtain 30 European Credits (EC) in PhD training during your PhD period. These EC can be gained by taking PhD training programmes and general courses, attending conferences and lectures, but also by teaching. For more information consult item: Courses.