About a PhD degree

What is a PhD? 
Choosing a university to enroll into a PhD program is the most important step in a research-oriented career. A postgraduate doctoral degree is the highest academic degree you can achieve. PhD candidates follow a program and write an original thesis based on extensive research that contributes considerable new knowledge on their specific subject. A PhD is essentially a research training & education program and usually takes around 4 years to complete. Following a PhD track in the Netherlands might be different than pursuing a PhD in other countries. You can consult the following website about the main differences of a PhD program in the Netherlands and the biggest reasons to choose a PhD track in the Netherlands.

PhD program at Erasmus MC
The goal of the PhD programs at Erasmus MC is to help you become an independent researcher who is able to solve complex questions, based on scientific evidence. During your PhD at Erasmus MC, you are part of a big international community and get to work in a state-of-the art facility. Graduates will have the competencies to appraise scientific research and have made important steps towards being biomedical academics. PhD candidates are optimally prepared to become the future (clinical) research staff at university medical centers, research universities, research institutes, and/or fill staff and policy positions, such as in management of biomedical universities, hospitals and other health care organizations, biomedical and pharmaceutical companies, ministries, and many more.

PhD research and education
As a PhD candidate of Erasmus MC Graduate School, you will have access to both generic and highly specialized courses. A PhD project is an individual trajectory and is tailored to your needs. Within the first few months you will develop, together with your supervisors, your own program that best suits your scientific needs as well as your desired career path.

PhD education in the Erasmus MC Graduate School is divided over four PhD tracks: a Core track with courses that are applicable for all PhD candidates (such as Scientific Integrity, Academic writing, personal development) and three content-based tracks: Health Sciences, Clinical Sciences and Biomedical Sciences. Please note that irrespective of the PhD project, all PhD candidates are welcome to follow any course in any track. 

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Programme information 
For more information on the PhD programs, please contact us via the contact page.