PhD ceremony request

When a PhD thesis is finished and approved by the supervisors, a PhD candidate canrequest the PhD ceremony” in Hora FinitaThis entails the following consecutive steps:

  1. The PhD candidate uploads the complete manuscript and enters the manuscript title in the system.
  2. a) All supervisors(promotors and co-promotors)receive an e-mail from the system to officially approve the manuscript.
    b) Simultaneously, the Medical Library receives a request to perform the reference check
    The Medical Library performs the reference checkwithin five working days and uploads the report in Hora FinitaThe supervisors will receive an e-mail notification that the report is available in Hora Finitafor assessment. Please visit the website of the Medical Library for further information
    NB. Please note that when anysupervisors are changed after uploading the PhD ceremony requestthe reference check will be removed from the system. The Medical Library thenneeds to manually upload this again, so please ensure that allsupervisors are correct before requesting the PhD ceremony.
  3. After complete approval of the manuscript:
    1. The first promotor is asked to submit a proposal for the composition of the assessment committee of the manuscript, with one member being the chair of the committee. Usually, the members have already been "informally" asked if they want to take place in the assessment committee.
    2. The PhD candidate can contact the Beadle’s office via to schedule two draft data for the defence ceremony.
  4. The proposed members of the assessment committee need to be approved by the Beadle’s office and by the faculty dean.
  5. After approval, the proposed members of the assessment committee receive an invite to join the assessment committee andtoreview the manuscript within 30 days.The chair of the assessment committee is additionally asked to give a final judgement after all members have assessed the manuscript.
  6. Once the manuscript is approved by the assessment committee, the first promotor is asked to submit a proposal for composition of the full doctoral committee.
  7. The proposed members of the doctoral committee need to be approved by the Beadle’s office and by the faculty dean.
  8. After approval, all committee members receive an e-mail with the final date of the PhD defence.
  9. After the PhD defence, a PhD candidate can apply for a thesis reimbursement of max. €750,- for printing costs.