Portfolio and progress meetings

All Erasmus MC PhD candidates are required to include a portfolio on the final page(s) of the doctoral thesis. The portfolio is a list of all training activities done during and relevant for the PhD project (e.g., courses, workshops, seminars, (international) conferences, teaching). The portfolio also needs to include the obtained European Credits (EC) per training activity and the total amount of EC.

EC (European Credits)
Our credit system is based on the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). Erasmus MC PhD courses and workshops award EC for successful completion. For training activities, such as attendance of conferences, seminar presentations or supervision of students, a PhD candidate can calculate the amount of EC themselves: 1 EC is equivalent to 28 hours of work (including preparation, self-study, examinations etc.). As a guide, Erasmus MC PhD board defined a general guideline for awarding EC:

A general guideline for allocating the recommended 30 EC’s over different activities:

  • PhD Courses [10 EC]
  • Congresses, seminars, presentations [10 EC]
  • Teaching [10 EC]

Please note:

Erasmus MC EC guidelines
Erasmus MC Graduate School recommends PhD candidates to obtain 30 EC (European Credit) during their PhD trajectory. Please note that this is only a recommendation, not a requirement.

EC in Hora Finita
PhD candidates are advised to enter all training activities on their portfolio in Hora Finita. The section ‘Portfolio’ gives an overview of the current status of the obtained EC’s (e.g., courses, workshops, seminars, international conferences, teaching). The system allows a PhD candidate to add additional training activities. When complete, an export of the portfolio into a Word document can be made, provided that all training activities are registered. A PhD candidate can also add additional training activities. Please find more information about this here.

Evaluation and progress interviews
Depending on the duration of the PhD trajectory, a PhD candidate will have progress interviews with their supervisor after 6, 9, 12, 24 and 36 months in order to discuss their progress. 

These progress interviews can be supported by these evaluation forms.1 Please note that it is not mandatory to upload the evaluation forms to Hora Finita account. 

1This page is not accessible outside Erasmus MC Network.

Please find more information about evaluation and progress interviews with regards to Hora Finita here.