Trajectory phase

Once a PhD candidate has been conditionally or formally admitted, they will have access to their personal dashboard in Hora Finita. This dashboard gives an overview of all the received messages and progress of the PhD trajectory, with the possibility to enter all kinds of data: execution of research, progress interviews, Training and Supervision Plan (TSP) mandatory (since September 2015), achieved European Credits (ECs), etc.

Proof of enrolment
Please use the e-mail "Promotiebesluit / PhD decision" as proof of enrolment as a PhD candidate in Erasmus MC Graduate School. This message can be found between the Hora Finita dashboard messages. It might be needed to click on “Open all mail sent to you”. 

PhD Checklist
The section ‘PhD checklist’ is a global task list of major tasks that have to be done prior to defending your doctoral thesis. It is found at the bottom of your dashboard. The majority of these tasks will be in the last phase of the PhD track, such as requesting your ceremony, submitting your title page, etc.

All Erasmus MC PhD students are required to include a report of their PhD training (e.g., courses, workshops, seminars, (international) conferences, including the obtained European Credits (EC) and teaching as a portfolio on the final page(s) of the doctoral thesis. This requirement is aimed at promoting a broad personal development of scientists. To see a full overview of training/research/career activities, click on the associated link ‘Open overview page and/or add new items’ on the Hora Finita dashboard.

Please find more general information about the portfolio and EC’s here.

Please find instructions on how to upload activities in the PhD candidate Hora Finita manual chapter 4.1.2. Please consult the item Hora Finita account to find the manual. 

Portfolio export
A PhD candidate can export the portfolio from Hora Finita provided that all training activities are registered. For Erasmus MC education, please use the catalogue and all information is provided. For external training activities, please make sure that the following is specified:

We recommend putting the PhD portfolio in the same lay-out of the PhD thesis and include it as the last page(s) of the PhD thesis. Please a format example here.1

1 See the right side of the page 'Promotietraject en proefschrift: Portfolio in proefschrift'. This page is not accessible outside Erasmus MC and is only available in Dutch.

OSIRIS and Hora Finita
As an Erasmus MC PhD candidate, please ensure that the OSIRIS student number (the first six digits of the ERNA account) is registered in the Hora Finita account. This can be found under 'Research phase', 'TSP' tab, under the heading 'Education'. This ensures automatic approval of the training activities in Hora Finita. Please proceed to add the course(s) using the course code(s) to your Hora Finita portfolio. Once these two steps are completed the EC’s of the course(s) will be automatically approved. 

Required courses for Portfolio
During the PhD trajectory there a couple of courses that are obligatory. Please find an overview of these courses here.

Evaluations & progress meetings
The section ‘Progress meetings/ milestonesshows an overview of all (default) progress meetings. To view a more detailed overview of these meetings, click on ‘Open the overview page and/or add new items’. Please find instructions about the progress meeting PhD candidate Hora Finita manual chapter 4.1.4. Please consult the item Hora Finita account to find the manual. 

Please find more information about the evaluation and progress meetings here.

Change in supervision
Please make sure that the PhD candidate and the entire supervisory team is involved and agrees with the changes in within the team. They should all receive a copy of the request mail to The graduate school officers will adjust the requested change in supervisors in the Hora Finita account of the PhD candidate. Subsequently, the proposed change of supervisors needs to be officially approved by the first promotor, the beadle and the dean via Hora Finita. When an exemption applies after the change (e.g., when a fourth supervisor is added to the team), this will also be handled via the system.

In the event of a death of a promotor
In case of the unfortunate event that the first promotor passes away, the second promotor and/or co-promotor(s), in consultation with the PhD candidate and the department head, will have to propose the replacing first promotor. In cases deemed appropriate, the deceased promotor can posthumously remain second promotor, after which the beadle will act in name of the deceased promotor. Without any notice, the graduate School will contact the PhD candidate and the second promotor and/or co-promotor(s) approximately 6 months after the first promotor has passed away.