Registration and admission procedure

All new PhD candidates need to be registered in Hora Finita from the start of their PhD project. Hora Finita is the PhD registration system of EUR and Erasmus MC. In order to start the registration, process, a PhD candidate needs to either have a contract or a hospitality agreement (gastvrijheidovereenkomst, GVO) with Erasmus MC. The registration can only be started withan active Erasmus MC microsection number and the correct PhD candidate label in AFAS (the Erasmus MC HR system). Once this is correctly arranged, the candidate will be invited by e-mail to complete their registration form in Hora Finita.

If you are a PhD candidate and you do not have a Hora Finita account yet, please check this page.

Review and approval
After completing and submitting the registration form, it will be reviewed for admission. The registration has to be approved by the (first) supervisor, the Beadle’s Office, Admissions Office (when the PhD candidate has a non-Dutch diploma), and the Dean of Erasmus MC. If any of these actors do not approve the registration, it will be returned to the PhD candidate with an e-mail containing specific follow-up steps to perform.

You will find an overview of which items will be checked during the assessment of general information here.

Once all parties have approved the registration form, the Dean of Erasmus MC will ultimately make the formal decision whether a PhD candidate is conditionally or formally admitted into the PhD trajectory. The Hora Finita registration will be converted into a PhD trajectory. The PhD candidate and all supervisors will receive an automatic e-mail regarding this decision.

Proof of enrolment
The e-mail that all supervisors and the PhD candidate receive, once a PhD candidate has been granted admission, has the subject "Promotiebesluit / PhD decision". This e-mail is visible in the Hora Finita dashboard and can be used as proof of enrolment as a PhD candidate in Erasmus MC Graduate School, for example to get a discount on the fees for conferences or external courses.