Registration phase 

Hora Finita Process
All processes related to the PhD track – registration/admission, progress monitoring during the PhD trajectory, submission of the doctoral dissertation, and preparation for the public defence – run through Hora Finita. These processes are all in accordance with the EUR Doctoral regulations and guidelines

Please find more information about the registration and admission procedure here.
Please consult the item 'No access to Hora Finita' if access to either Hora Finita or the Hora Finita account is not yet given.

In order to be admitted to the PhD trajectory, the Hora Finita registration form must be filled out and submitted. Some important aspects to consider in the registration form are: 

Personal details
Personal details are imported from the HR/PSA system AFAS. If the information is not correct, please contact PSA/HR:

A PhD candidate must have at least two supervisors, meaning the promotor(s) and/or co-promotor(s). The promotor (first supervisor) is a full professor at the EUR or an associate professor with a doctorate at the EUR to whom the Doctorate Board has granted Ius Promovendi. Without a second promotor, a co-promotor must be appointed to ensure that a PhD candidate has at least two supervisors. A co-promotor must have the title ‘dr’ in order to be a supervisor. If a (co)supervisor has an affiliation with peripheral hospitality, they will need a hospitality agreement with a university. Supervisors need to be registered in Hora Finita by their Erasmus MC microsection number.

Supervisor title
A supervisor must have the correct title registered in Hora Finita. Titles in Hora Finita come directly from the personnel system. A supervisor should have this adjusted by PSA in AFAS and EBS, then it will automatically be correct in Hora Finita.

3 or 4 supervisors
It is possible to ‘deviate’ from the regulation of 2 supervisors. 3 supervisors can be appointed if these are from at least two different disciplines and/or departments. If a PhD candidate has 3 supervisors from the same disciplines and/or department or more than 4 supervisors, an exemption process will be initiated via Hora Finita in which the first promotor will receive a request by e-mail to provide a substantiated motivation. The Dean will use the motivation in order to advise the EUR Rector Magnificus who must ultimately grant permission for deviating from the standard regulation

English language requirement
Please find find more information about the English language requirement here. 

UNL PhD type
Please find find more information about the UNL PhD type here.

TSP (Training and Supervision Plan)
Please find more information about the TSP and the Erasmus MC template here. 

OOA PhD students can use the OOA registration form and the OOA TSP and do not need to complete the Erasmus MC TSP separately. PhD students upload the OOA registration form and OOA TSP as one joint document to the field designated for the TSP in Hora Finita.

As part of the registration a candidate must upload the most recent version of their curriculum vitae. We ask that a PDF version of this document is uploaded

Certification master diploma
We require candidates to have a bachelor's degree and a master degree or a doctoral exam diploma. In case of a Dutch diploma, we ask that an upload of a DUO uittreksel be uploaded

Provisional admission is possible on the grounds of other Dutch diplomas or non-Dutch diplomas (see Section 2.2 of the PhD defence rules).  Candidates with an HBO degree, on or before 31 August 2002 (with at least 168 credits), can be admitted to take their PhD.

A non-Dutch, certified Master diploma must be validated by the Admissions Office. Verification of non-Dutch diplomas will be processed by the Admissions Office via Hora Finita. This take longer than verification of Dutch diplomas. Pending approval, the PhD candidate will be provisionally admitted to a PhD trajectory in Hora Finita. A copy will be made and certified for archive purposes. Certification of a non-Dutch diploma can be done by an embassy, any other competent authority or a solicitor/notary. A Dutch Master diploma can be certified by the Beadle’s Office.